A straightforward greeting

•December 24, 2009 • Comments Off on A straightforward greeting

I’ve been posting to Yelp, on and off, and to a Vox blog that seems to be slowly taking its place due to growing concerns about possible censorship at Yelp. At this point, I’ve seen a little of that censorship, myself, though nothing so blatant or evil as that reported by others. Many others, but one might well wonder if all of those complaints are honest ones.

My Yelp profile and Vox blog are primarily focused on the same thing – local reviews, reviews of places we can visit in the flesh, in the real world. I’ll write about those places, find that other people on WordPress have done the same, and then drop by to comment, using my WordPress account, as one have to on most WordPress blogs, I would guess. I’ll write about the discussions, and that will be the beginning of posts you’ll see here, which will then be alluded to on and linked to from the blog on Vox, tying everything together and bringing traffic here.

Fairly simple concept.